Thursday, May 5, 2011

Showcasing Philly talent: ChrissyK Photography

Saxbys Coffee Rittenhouse is proud to support local Philadelphia artistic talent, and this black-and-white photo of the Philadelphia Art Museum (by Philly freelance photographer ChrissyK) that hangs immediately in the entrance is a great example... 

Sadly though, this snapshot of a snapshot was ruined by two things. 

One-- the glare from the windows facing opposite, and two-- the ineptitude of the photographer (me-- not her!) when it came to selecting the proper camera settings... 

However, despite the hour of day and a tricky camera, photographer ChrissyK happily had the foresight to post a perfectly crisp and clear representation of the shot on her website:

A high-school guidance counselor by day, with a burning passion for photography in her free time, ChrissyK believes that every picture tells a story... and she loves to bring life to as many "stories" as possible. 

To contact ChrissyK, you can reach her at 267.702.3010, or

To contact Saxbys Coffee Rittenhouse about showcasing art (there are still some empty walls!), please contact us at

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