Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rittenhouse's new coffee + communication hub

For some reason, coffee shops have always been hubs of communication. I suppose just like peanut butter and jelly, caffeine and news are an exceptionally complementary pair that withstand the test of time...
Whereas in the past it was standard for the local coffee house to offer local gossip and illicit materials hot off the press, as the years passed and technology changed, public telephones and newspapers became the de rigueur cafe communication fare. 

These days, "Internet Cafes" are raising the communication bar even further by offering free Internet and computer use alongside coffee selections, so that the entire world is now accessible from within the confines of the closest coffee shop. 

These "cybercafes" are currently very popular in Europe, and can be found in any mid to large sized European city. The recent opening of Saxbys Coffee at Rittenhouse has allowed a little of that European coffee house flair to enter our own center city community. 

Located right on the corner of 20th & Walnut, there are a slew of easy ways to stay tastefully connected. The iPads attached to each table offer immediate and easy access to the internet, and the docking stations underneath the tables allow for a quick recharge of whatever electronic device you're carrying. The computer nook offers iMacs and PCs for free usage, and the coffee shop's free WiFi allows for work to be done even at the outdoor tables. 

With the caffeine and the communication possibilities available here, this is truly the place for Rittenhouse to start it's day with a jolt.

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