Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finally, a coffee shop for Transformers AND humans!

Aside from tasting good, people love coffee for one reason: caffeine

Providing chemicals for the brain to work faster and increase alertness, coffee has become the everyday wonder cure for those that feel sleep-deprived, sluggish, or just in need of a quick energy boost. 

In this regard, coffee shops are almost like gas stations for the brain; it is the best place to go in order to choose the perfect fuel for your body.  
(Picture at left from Twitterer/patron @graisinbrand.)

In addition to powering up your person, Saxbys Coffee at Rittenhouse offers a little something extra too-- while giving the human brain a caffeinated charge, you are also welcome to "power up" any electrical device you might have with you. 

Attached to the underside of most tables in the shop is a discreet power-strip. This provides the electric juice needed for the table-side iPad, but also provides the perfect place for you to quickly charge your phone, laptop, camera, or any other device that needs more power.

So-- in answer to the obvious unspoken question here: YES! Saxbys Coffee at Rittenhouse is totally the coffee shop where both humans and Transformers could come hang-out, and both enjoy a nice daily powering-up.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Too many coffee options to choose from?

Menus that are chock-full of delicious-sounding items are a great thing, and yet... a good menu can sometimes make life more complicated sheerly because too many possibly satisfying options can make it difficult to settle on just one.

When it's time to order: it's one thing when you're seated at a restaurant, and have the option of telling the server that you need a few more minutes-- and quite an entirely different situation when you're standing in-line, with people waiting behind you, and the person behind the register is looking expectantly at you for an immediate order. (I.e. At Saxbys.)

With over 30 Saxbys specialty drinks to choose from-- amongst them; Almond Joy, Banana Split, Milky Way, Chocolate Monkey, Snickerdoodle, and Kookie Monster, just to name a few, and each sounding delicious-- game-time coffee orders can be tough. 

In order to give you a little advantage, our full menu is now online so that you can peruse beforehand and have an idea of what you might like without feeling the full-blown performance anxiety of having to choose asap off a huge menu. (This goes for our coffee drinks as well as our sandwiches, salads, smoothies, and FroYo options.) 

If you check out the menu and still find yourself in an ordering quandary, feel free to ask anyone on staff for their recommendation/opinion; if there's one thing all Saxbys employees love-- its talking about Saxbys coffee and food. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A "to-go" mug fit for a Saxbys Princess

Just like a magpie, upon entering the Saxbys Coffee at Rittenhouse over the weekend, my eyes instantly honed in on something shiny sitting atop the coffee fixins' bar... Amidst the sugar packets, napkins, and mixers, a rhinestone encrusted Saxbys Coffee mug sat gleaming, with the light bouncing enticingly off each of the faceted stones. 

In actuality-- there are many logical reasons that facilitate buying a "to-go" coffee mug, but if I'm being honest-- my choice was ultimately made so that I could have something pretty to hold (and drink from). 

For $14.99, the "Tiffany Tumbler" offers an insulated, bejeweled way to safely carry your hot (or cold) drink anywhere you go. This purchase is as aesthetically pleasing as it is "green;" not only do you cut down on waste (nothing to throw-out when you're done) but you also save money-- every refill of Hot or Iced drip coffee is only 50-cents! 

(And don't worry-- there are plainer "to-go" options for those less rhinestone-enthused than myself, and any Saxbys Coffee "to-go" mug can take advantage of the 50-cent refill special.)  

With the Philadelphia heat threatening to unleash itself on us any day now, I am happy for the cute accessory that can currently* double as an Iced coffee canteen.

*Come Autumn, Iced coffee will be swapped back out for Hot drinks.