Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Preparing for the Rittenhouse Grand Opening!

After the months and months and months of planning, organizing, and doing, the OFFICIAL grand opening of Saxbys Coffee Rittenhouse is finally here! 

The Grand Opening that everyone is invited to, will take place all day tomorrow (Thursday, April 28th starting at 6am) and a sneak peek for VIP friends and family is occurring tonight (Wednesday, April 27th). 

A quick visit to the shop yesterday-- the day before the VIP festivities-- showed that as expected, a whole latte of changes had taken place in only one week's time...

 Lo and behold... tiled floors complete with inlaid hard-wood, a completed coffee bar, and tables and chairs? 

I think we've got ourselves a coffee shop! 

With a computer nook...
 Flat screen TVs have been mounted onto the walls, the laptops and printers are set-up... now the place is just in need of the final 
technological finishing touches (such as the table-mounted iPads).

 The 2011 business version of French windows have all been installed, 
easily opening up to let in all the beautiful 
Rittenhouse outdoor air, sun, and sights. 
Although everything on the inside has been falling into place, complications have kept the new Saxbys signage from being installed. 

Will the glorious new Saxbys Coffee signs be in place for the opening...? 
Only one way to find out. :) 

FYI: Some fun facts about our Grand Opening
  • 5% of all proceeds on the opening week will go to benefit our local chapter of Big Brother Big Sister.
  • We are currently looking for local artists to display their art (photography, pictures, etc.) 
  • There are still some barista positions available :)

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  1. You should get some music for the Grand Opening ;)


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