Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cranking out the beans, and the smells, on-site in Conshohocken

One of the super cool things about Saxbys Coffee (obviously this post is completely unbiased) is that they have their own roasting facility located right in Conshohocken, PA. This is key for the Rittenhouse location, as the beans are roasted per order-- which means unbelievably fresh beans are constantly being transported to our Rittenhouse shop.

Located within the depths of Saxbys Coffee's roasting facilities are huge monstrosities of machines. Humongous and noisy, these things crank out as much aroma as freshly roasted beans. The entire Saxbys premises sits inside an almost palpable cloud of coffee fumes, and barely any signage is needed as a person's nose could deliver them right to the location... and yes, it is heavenly.)

Once the roasting process has been completed within the machine, the beans are poured out into a metal kiddie-pool sized container. Mechanized arms sweep through the beans, while cool air blows in from underneath in order to stop the beans from roasting anymore. The video below shows approximately 5 million pounds of coffee beans during the cooling process. (Ok, so maybe not quite 5 million, but it's definitely a lot of beans!)
Keep your eyes peeled for the quick shot of the coffee beans that are going to be roasted next-- they're literally green! 

If only all machines created delicious smelling emissions...

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