Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finally, a coffee shop for Transformers AND humans!

Aside from tasting good, people love coffee for one reason: caffeine

Providing chemicals for the brain to work faster and increase alertness, coffee has become the everyday wonder cure for those that feel sleep-deprived, sluggish, or just in need of a quick energy boost. 

In this regard, coffee shops are almost like gas stations for the brain; it is the best place to go in order to choose the perfect fuel for your body.  
(Picture at left from Twitterer/patron @graisinbrand.)

In addition to powering up your person, Saxbys Coffee at Rittenhouse offers a little something extra too-- while giving the human brain a caffeinated charge, you are also welcome to "power up" any electrical device you might have with you. 

Attached to the underside of most tables in the shop is a discreet power-strip. This provides the electric juice needed for the table-side iPad, but also provides the perfect place for you to quickly charge your phone, laptop, camera, or any other device that needs more power.

So-- in answer to the obvious unspoken question here: YES! Saxbys Coffee at Rittenhouse is totally the coffee shop where both humans and Transformers could come hang-out, and both enjoy a nice daily powering-up.

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